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18.10.2021 18:25:46

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Title Multimodal imaging and diagnosis of skin cancer by optical diagnosis

Multimodal imaging and diagnosis of skin cancer. A combination of optical coherence tomography, optoacoustics, and Raman spectroscopy will be employed.  Thesis work at  HOT – Hannover Centre for Optical Technologies within the group of  Applied Photonics - Optical analysis, sensor technology and spectroscopy.

Home institution Institute of Physics
Type of work practical / application-focused
Type of thesis Bachelor's or Master's degree
Author Prof. Dr. Walter Neu, Dipl.-Phys.
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Problem statement
Multimodal imaging and diagnosis of skin cancer. A combination of OCT, photoacoustics (optoacoustics) and Raman spectroscopy is employed. Presumably conventional ultrasound will be added as an extra.  The challenge is to combine all these modalities in a single scanning unit, synchronize them and "stitch" the images together. The large amount of data will also allow machine learning or deep learning to either enhance, classify or segment the images (for example, the skin layers). 
Good knowledge in optics, laser, and spectroscopy. Interest in AI as a tool in categorization and diagnostics.
Created 10/07/21

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  • Bachelor's Programme Engineering Physics
  • Master's Programme Engineering Physics
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